Student Advisory Council Fact Sheet

What is the mission of the Student Advisory Council (SAC)?

To inspire and enrich the student experience within the greater ASID community

What are the goals of the SAC?

1) Promote lasting relationships between the students and the professional members


2) Build programs that enhance the undergraduate experience

3) Prepare students for the transition to professional ranks

4) Maintain and support current emerging professional members and attract new designers to ASID

5) Raise awareness of the value of ASID membership among design educators

The SAC can be comprised of

  • ASID student members 
  • ASID emerging professionals 
  • ASID educator members
  • ASID professional members
  • ASID Industry Partner representatives
  • ASID headquarters staff

What is the focus of the SAC?

  • Encouraging chapters and the Society to help students through events such as the NeoCon® Career Exchanges and chapter Career Days
  • Encouraging students to participate in industry events
  • Increasing the value of technology to students
  • Providing more opportunities that introduce and describe various career options
  • Participating in chapter management meetings and programs at ASID National Conference at NeoCon®
  • Informing the SRBs about the transition from student member to practitioner
  • Communicating with the SRBs and student chapter presidents via e-mail and reminding them of key issues
  • Helping the student chapters with materials for their meetings

Here are several initiatives the SAC has developed over the past few years.

  • Inclusion of an active student page on the ASID Web site
  • Sponsored career exchanges at nationwide NeoCon events
  • Development of student, student chapter, and faculty awards
  • Development of the student affairs chair position as a "core standard" for all professional chapters
  • Development of the Student Affairs Committee toolkit
  • Provide programs of value for new designers on a national and chapter level
  • Inclusion of students in chapter leadership training
  • Provide outreach to educators to demonstrate the value of student membership
  • Preparation and editing of the Student Chapter Manual
  • Encouragement of advancement to allied membership by offering student advancement dues reduction
  • Development of "Job Bytes" for student members
  • Inclusion of student members as recipients of ASID NewsFlash, the Society's biweekly electronic newsletter
  • Development of the annual ASID Student Design Award Competition
  • Development of "World of Work" CDs that include resources for emerging designers
  • Development of RealWorld DesignWeek - a nationwide shadowing experience

Check out these initiatives that are currently under way and will soon be available through a chapter near you!

  • Development of a keynote speaker list accessible from the Web, with speaker names, topics, bios, pictures, fees and e-mail addresses
  • Development resources for educator members regarding benefits and iniatitives to include in the classroom and in their profession