Student Chapters and Committees

ASID is a community of people committed to the profession of interior design. It’s also the oldest and largest organization representing the interests of professional interior designers. ASID supports and represents the Interior Design Industry. 
Student members belong to three entities, each one a part of the next larger one: 
ASID Student Chapter > Local ASID Professional Chapter > ASID as a national organization
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If the student’s school does not have a student chapter, then the student can still join ASID as a student member. The student member will belong to the local professional chapter and the ASID national organization.
  • You’re a candidate for a degree or certificate in interior design or interior architecture
  • Your program requires at least 40 semester hours or 60 quarter hours in interior design to graduate 
  • You can be at any stage of the program (i.e., you’re not required to have completed a certain number of classes in order to join ASID) 
  • All students and officers must join with ASID national in order to participate with the student chapter on campus
ASID accepts and processes applications year-round 
Once your application is submitted, approved and processed, your membership is valid for a complete year from the date you join. (e.g., if you join in October of 2015, your membership will expire on September 30, 2016.)
The easiest way to join or renew is online! Log in at, or create an account by selecting “New Customer Signup.” Once logged in, you will see the option to join or renew under your “My ASID” section. 
You’ll be able to print out a membership ID card right on the spot. You can also download and mail in a paper application and pay by check or credit card, but it will take several weeks to process. Make sure you notify your student chapter that you’ve joined so you can start participating in its activities right away!
Basic student membership costs $50 per year and must be renewed annually. These fees are collected by ASID headquarters. Your particular student chapter might charge additional dues and/or event fees to support its activities. If so, these dues are kept in the student chapter’s own bank account.