Student Representative to the Board of the Year

ASID Announces the Winners of the 2013 ASID Student Chapter Awards

The ASID Student Chapter Awards are given to outstanding student members and chapters responsible for promoting the ASID student member experience as an enriching learning tool for future interior designers. The 2013 winners and honorable mentions include:

Student Representative to the Board of the Year - Tie Breaker!

Alisa Culp, Student ASID  | ASID Arizona South Chapter SRB

ASID Arizona South SRB Alisa Culp , has shown great energy and dependability in all she undertakes. As an SRB, Alisa has established unique opportunities for the students’ experience and education. She led a student tour day of selected designer studios, organized funds to be raised for student chapters and established the “Get Geeky” program that the ASID Arizona South Chapter adopted and successfully ran with her organized help. Alisa’s drive and fresh perspective not only aided the student chapter and members but the professional chapter as well.

Alisa was also the first ASID student member to participate in the “ASID 90 Second Scoop” video series, where she explained the new “Get Geeky” event and encouraged other chapters to adopt the model. In turn, she helped four other ASID student chapters by passing along this best practice. It takes a strong leader to coordinate so many events, people and still be a full-time student. Congratulations Alisa and thank you for a wonderful year of growing and strengthening ASID.

“Impressive all around. Through her recommendation letters, you could see the positive influence and organization Alisa brought to the Arizona South interior design community.” – Laura Kimball, Allied ASID

“Multiple chapters participated in the events Alisa organized, providing her student members full access to network and gain experience.” – Mary Katherine Crouch, ASID, CID, LEED AP


Corey Davey, Student ASID | ASID Texas Chapter SRB

ASID Texas SRB Corey Davey , has demonstrated exemplary dedication and service. As SRB to the Texas chapter, Corey is a constant organizer and encourager for interior design causes. Corey initiated numerous gatherings of students without any assistance or guidance before his position actually began on October 1. Corey sought out the presidents of all of the student chapters within the Texas chapter (about 20, inviting them to the July 2012 chapter training in Dallas, and most attended along with the practitioner leaders.

In addition, he personally helped to build back a student chapter at one of the largest university programs in Texas that was about 400 miles away from his own school. The Texas chapter had its largest turnout ever of over 160 students for the October 2012 Student Symposium career day — a direct result of Corey’s on-the-ground efforts.

Along with outreach, his enthusiasm and drive to gather students for community service and legislative social gatherings is ongoing and benefits all involved. Corey has represented ASID and the Texas Chapter far beyond an SRB’s expectations.

“The coordination of 20 student chapters shows his dedication to service all ASID student members. That alone is outstanding.” – Lisa Adams, Allied ASID

“The personal attention Corey was able to provide to the student Texas chapters had a huge impact on the amount of students who join ASID and the local events. Very inspiring.” – Laura Kimball, Allied ASID