Submission Form Instructions

To submit an event to be posted on our Events Calendar, please fill out the submission form. You must fill in each section that has an asterisk (* ) next to it. Below is a list of what you will see on the submission form.

Event Type:

Please choose the type of event you are hosting – for example conference, CEU, awards ceremony, lunch and learn.

Event Title:* This is the Event Name
Category:* Please choose a category that your event falls under – i.e. Hospitality, Healthcare or Residential
Location: Where will your event take place?
Address: Please enter the address for the location of the event.
Start Date: What date does your event take place on?
Time: What time will your event start?
Duration: How long will your event last?
Repeat: Is this event recurring?
Additional Event Types: Please select any additional categories your event may fall under
Featured Event:*

Please either choose Basic or Premier.

  • "Basic" calendar listings will include name of event, location, time and date, and web link.
    - $50 Standard Rate (per calendar listing)
    - $25 ASID Member Rate (per calendar listing, 50% discount)
    - Free ASID Chapter Rate (applies to official chapter events only)

  • "Premier" calendar listings will include name, location, time and date, web link, up to a 50 word event description, event banner graphic placement on detail page, and promotion on various pages of the ASID website, including the home page
    - $125 Standard Rate (per calendar listing)
Event Image: Please upload your event image in this section.
Detail Image: Please upload a banner image in this section.
Host Organization:* Please upload your event image in this section.
Host Email:* Please enter the email for the contact person for this event
Web Link: Please enter in your website/registration link for this event if applicable.
Notes/Description: Please enter a brief description of your event here. The description must be 50 words or less.