Villa Park

Dining Room

A Conversation Starter!
After my initial appointment with Cindy, at her home in Villa Park, California, I understood that although the home was completely remodeled, the home was lacking the ambiance they were trying to achieve. After discussing the elements they were definite about changing, we also discussed color and style preferences as well as desired time frame. I asked many questions, about their lifestyles, how they entertained, and the priority and purposes of each room. We found a comfort level with each other and began to design for Cindy and Bruce. We started with the guest bedrooms, then to the master bedroom, the dining room, living room, and the family room. Once we were done with these rooms we finished the outdoor living space.
We designed custom beveled carpet inlays to coordinate with the newly selected wood flooring. The diamond pattern is beveled into the carpet, with scrolled patterns at the front entrance of the living and another at the back French doors. Although the carpet appears to be an oversized area rug, it is permanently installed with the wood floor surrounding. The fireplace was redesigned with a marble slab and a stained mantle to blend with the new flooring. Balance is the key element in any room, when selecting furniture, it is important to consider size as well as color. This room became very comfortable…yet stunning enough for all occasions and entertainment.
Most of our clients are seeking designs with opulent fabrics and furnishings. Matching the opulence of fabrics to practicality is where interior designing can become complex. We like to focus on the details. It is our belief that in order for a room to be comfortable, it needs to be purposeful. Once that has been achieved the beauty naturally falls into place!