Wood Bent Chair

This bent plywood piece is casual, ergonomic, sleek and simple. Comprised of 3 main pieces that are the result of only 2 negative forms. Each piece was contoured along a mold to create the desired shape and then assembled to construct the desired creation. 
When encountering this piece, people find themselves pleasantly at ease in the comfort of this elegant outline.
Many Prototypes were made, not only to experiment with the curves of the design but to also experiment whith the actual materials, plywood, and the steps that woul be taken to build the actual piece. This step of the design phase was cruicial to finding out just how far I could push the limits of the material to acurately create the desired piece.
The fin on the back is just as sesible as it is attractive, not only does this section act as structural support, it can also be used as a convenient place to store items that would be easily accessible even by someone sitting in the chair; such as a pillow, blanket or book.