Your Compensation, Benefits and Retirement Money

For Business Owners, Executives and Self-Employed

As the owner/executive of a closely-held business, you have a tremendous advantage when it comes to setting your compensation, benefits, and retirement income. You are not locked into someone else's established system that determines and restricts your salary, bonuses, benefits, and deductions. You have an opportunity to design a Compensation Package that delivers more of what you, your family, and your company need and want. And the IRS will help with very valuable tax benefits designed especially for entrepreneurs and owners of smaller and mid-size businesses.

This Report will help you:

  • increase your after-tax income
  • take all available tax deductions
  • improve benefits
  • set aside more retirement money
  • protect your salary in case of disability

Other topics: Review of retirement plans, deferred compensation, medical reimbursement and cafeteria plans, salary reduction, disability insurance, and salary continuation.