Your Investments

Strategiesto Use Today and Throughout the Year

Objectives: To help you minimize capital gain taxes, maximize the tax savings from investment losses, increase investment income, and reduce investment portfolio risks.

There are many valuable options that can help you accomplish those objectives and increase the overall return on your investment portfolio. Many of the proven ideas and strategies in this Report are applicable both before year-end and throughout the year.

Your goals: To protect your portfolio(s) and to eliminate (or defer) the taxes on income and capital gains by:

  • taking as many losses as possible
  • moving those gains and income to next year or to a lower-tax-bracket family member
  • holding short-term gains until they become long-term
  • effecting tax-saving investment options
  • moving the ownership of investments to your family, e.g., for your children's education
  • increasing your investment income, and
  • lowering investment risks.

This Report addresses all of those fundamental objectives through 44 action alerts and strategies to help you and your family better use your investment dollars and increase your annual and long-term return.

Other topics: Ideas to lower total family taxes, tracking your investments, tax rate analysis, technical strategies, how to use call and put options, the rules on installment sales and charitable donations, how to analyze your gains and losses, and recordkeeping advisories.