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Zen Master Bathroom
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Evanston Master Bathroom Evanston
United States
Evanston Master Bathroom Evanston
United States

In January 2013, Cadmium Interiors completed the interior design of a 2nd floor master bath in Evanston. Referred to us by their realtor (whom Cadmium had also consulted on her own home), we were delighted to find that our clients had an artistic vent and already knew what they liked and disliked. We began talking design right away, and used Pinterest to communicate ideas, visually. Our client had also seen artwork made out of moss on our blog that they wanted to incorporate. We picked up on the couple’s organic sensibilities and the need for efficiency. Both the husband and wife loved pebble rocks and penny shaped tile. The couple felt that the bathroom seemed somewhat dark and wished the natural light coming from the skylight could be accented.
It didn’t take long for Cadmium to curate a zen-like bathroom for our clients (parents of a 4 year old, with another one on the way).
We kept the original layout of the bathroom due to size constrictions. We removed their bathtub and installed a beautiful glass shower enclosure. Resale was definitely a factor here. Given they had another full bath in the townhouse with a tub, removing the tub in the Master was entirely fine. Along the way, we educated our clients on the anti-microbial features in quartz and porcelain. We introduced a very zen-like palette of moss greens and grays.
We upgraded their cabinetry, put in a warm gray Silestone counter top, porcelain gray faux wood flooring and a beautiful dark purplish smokey gray porcelain square tile in the shower. Pebble rocks were installed in the shower floor, as well as in the back of the custom built niches in their shower wall. We ensured enough shelf space was available for both couples shower needs and we created a niche at knee height for ease of shaving legs. The current Hollywood style lighting above the vanity was replaced with recessed lighting and pendants, which create even lighting on both sides of the face. Given the tile in the shower was very dark, we added a second recessed light. All lights were dimmable, of course! Our client was adamant about hiding cords and keeping a clean surface so we hid an outlet in the linen closet for the couple’s electric toothbrushes. We installed drawers under the sinks of the vanity for easy access. Finally, we added a “Surprise” element by cladding the inside of the skylight with a handmade ceramic penny round tile that our client loved!
A neutral palette complimented the rich shower tiles, and we were sure to match the lighting controls and outlets with the paint finish. Finally-for the finishing touch, a linear moss artwork custom made by ecologist artist Ashley Lieber was placed parallel to the linear mirror. We worked with an art consultant from Vara Design for this piece.Every morning and night the client will see this artwork when they are in the mirror. Their 4 year old daughter has the weekly chore to mist the moss to keep it looking healthy.