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GREENleaders Certified Sustainability Training in Minneapolis — November 12


GREENleaders Certified Sustainability Training in Minneapolis


SEE why fellow designers are praising this one of a kind industry training!

GREENleaders Certified Sustainability TrainingFrancis King LTD & Textiles              
Join SFC for this live class with Francis King Ltd.

International Market Square

 275 Market St., Suite 185

Minneapolis, MN

November 12 & 13   —   9am to 12pm each day, followed by lunch

        “Packed with Great information, so pertinent to the world and our professional responsibility.” - Adele Lampert, Pompano Beach, FL
                     “Made a complicated subject interesting and understandable and relevant.” -Toni O’Neil, Boca Raton, FL
           “The most important course / ceu I have EVER taken, so desperately needed in this industry.” – Heddy A Zubrowski, Fort Myers, FL

This popular 6-hour certificate course provides an excellent grounding in sustainability issues and offers practical solutions for growing an eco-friendly home furnishings business. SFC's GREENleaders course provides designers, retailers, manufacturers, reps, and others the knowledge and credentials they need to become experts in sustainability.  Results in acknowledgement as a GREEN Accredited Professional, a designation maintained with continuing education.

Approved by GBCI for 6 CE hours and registered with IDCEC for .6 HSW CEUs

Unit 1 - The Case For Sustainability 
A grounding in the environmental issues related to home furnishings, including climate change, indoor air quality, toxic waste, and water conservation
IDCEC ceu 103081

Unit 2 - The Mind of the Consumer 
SFC's own research among consumers who have purchased home furnishings recently: insight into their current thinking - including preferred terminology, level of concerns, purchase interes and price sensitivity.
IDCEC ceu 103314

Unit 3 - Sourcing Green Products: Materials
Questions to ask and answers to look for in evaluating options in materials - including certified wood, planation growns, rapid renewables, bio-hybrids and recycled/recyclable content.
IDCEC ceu 103183

Unit 4 - Sourcing Green Products: Processes
More questions to ask and answers to look for in evaluatng options, with a focus on reduction of energy use and avoidance of harmful chemical inputs.
IDCEC ceu 103184

Unit 5 - Designing Green Interiors
Recommendations on ways of reducing expense and environmental footprint in residential spaces and commercial operations, with methods of calculating cost and carbon savings, as well as best choices in recycling. 
IDCEC ceu 103185

Date and Time

November 12 & 13 — 9am to 12pm each day, followed by lunch


International Market Square
275 Market St.,
Suite 185
Minneapolis, MN 55405