Industry Partner FAQs

How do I apply for membership?

You can apply by downloading a membership application or by applying online here at! Have questions?  Please call the ASID Customer Service Department at (202) 675-4456.

Who should I list as the main representative of the company?

The main representative of the company can be anyone from the general manager of the company to the president. The main representative is responsible for the company's membership dues and for any additions or changes made to that membership roster.

When do I send membership dues?

Membership dues should accompany your application for the first 12 months of membership.  After your 12 months have passed you will receive an invoice for the next year.

What are additional representatives?

Additional representatives are members added to a company's existing membership category.  Note: Local Industry Partner members may only have one representative on their membership.

How much does it cost to add an additional representative?

The annual membership fee for an additional representative is $150 per person.

Where do I send the application for processing?

All completed applications and checks for membership should come directly to ASID headquarters and NOT to the chapter offices. You can fax your application with credit card payment to (202) 546-3240 or mail applications with payment to

    Attention: Customer Service
    718 7th St. NW, 4th Floor
    Washington, DC 20001

How long does it take to process an application?

It takes from two to three weeks to process the application once it is received at ASID headquarters.

How long does it take to receive my new member kit?

It takes about two weeks after the approval date to receive your new member kit.

Once I am a member, how do I get involved with my local Chapter?

Your chapter will contact you shortly after you receive your new member kit. However, please do not hesitate to initiate the contact as soon as you receive notification of membership acceptance. Contact information for all ASID chapters is available on the chapter locator page.