Aleta Rochelle Olesen Daria


Artlita was founded in 2019 by Aleta Rochelle Olesen Daria as a passion project. After a successful 20-year career in healthcare, where she was recognized as a rock-star in private equity backed start-ups, Aleta recognized that she was unfulfilled.

Artlita was formed with three goals in mind. Elevating emerging artists so they can support themselves with their talents. Increasing satisfaction in the lives of our clients brightening their homes and businesses. Improving arts programs for children, so a portion of our profits will be donated to support these important programs.

Helping clients enjoy original works of art from Southern & Baja California artists at a reasonable cost vs. putting something meaningless and uninspiring on their walls is something were passionate about. The fact that this also helps local artists live their most authentic lives makes it a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

Artlita offers contemporary fine art, limited edition fine art prints & fine art photography ranging from $300 to $30,000 that can also be leased for a fraction of the cost.


Project Title: Photo Gallery

Service Area
  • San Diego, CA 92109
  • Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Onsite service from Santa Barbara through San Diego & East through Palm Springs

  • Art/Accessories /D├ęcor
  • Wall coverings