Large Firm Membership

Give the interior designers in your firm a voice in the largest interior design organization. They will gain invaluable insight into the profession, helping them expand their skills and, in turn, maximize your firm’s ability to meet your clients’ needs. ASID is committed to lead research initiatives in the industry, seek out collaboration with those working to promote the value of interior design, and ensure that our members maintain their competitive edge. ASID membership can help your firm do the same.

What's in it for your firm?

Rebate range for large firms
  • Based on the number of employees from your firm, we will provide a percentage rebate back to your firm. The more ASID members from your firm, the greater your rebate!
  • Calculated on a sliding scale from five to 18 percent of total membership dues paid, a rebate will be issued to your firm based on number of total members connected to the firm in our database. The rebate percentage will vary depending on the number of members from your firm who are active on September 30 each year.

What's in it for your employees?

  • Career development opportunities
  • The ASID Appellation — the highest mark of professionalism in the industry
  • A national network that includes Industry Partners, media partners and local design communities throughout our chapter network
  • Online and in-person continuing education
  • Legislative advocacy for the legal recognition of our profession and the development of laws favorable to the interior design industry
  • Partnerships with trade shows, media partners, and industry leaders maximizing your involvement and exposure at events across the country

For more information contact Kevin Mulvaney at or 202-675-2349 or Lorina McLeod at or 202-675-2373.