Announcing the Winner of the #SpaceMatters Instagram Competition

ASID is thrilled to announce the winner of our first-ever Instagram #SpaceMatters contest, in honor of World Interiors Day last month! The winning photo, of a devotee’s afternoon prayer at mosque in Tblisi, Georgia, was taken by Mahtab Mirtaheri. She is the lucky recipient of an ASID Swag Bag!

Mahtab is an interior designer from Iran (currently living in Berlin) who loves to travel and take photos of spaces and people, capturing moments of her life through amateur photography and memoirs. She posts her photos and memoirs (mostly in Farsi) on Instagram. The photo was taken on Sept. 19, 2010, when Mahtab was visiting the Tbilisi Mosque in Georgia. Built in 1895, it is the only mosque in Tbilisi that survived Lavrenty Beria’s antireligious purges of the 1930s. Both Shiite and Sunni Muslims pray together here (which is unusual) and visitors were welcome to enter after removing shoes.

Check out the winning image and full article at icon online.

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