Material ConneXion






Material ConneXion (MCX) is the leading global platform for material innovation and solutions. Partnering with organizations seeking a sustainable and competitive edge, MCX helps the world stay on top of the ever-changing arena of innovative, advanced, and sustainable materials.

Beyond highlighting healthy material solutions in eight categories (Carbon-Based, Cement-Based, Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Natural, Polymer, Process), MCX provides transparency about the chemistry of materials and products, allowing designers to source and specify solutions for interiors with full knowledge of their short and long-term effects. This puts control and responsibility firmly back in the hands of the designer.

As an exclusive member benefit, all ASID members may subscribe to the full MCX database of thousands of healthy and sustainable materials at a discounted rate of $3,500 per year. Discover comprehensive product information, technical specifications, images, application information, manufacturer contact details, and much more – anytime, any place. Learn how to register your account and start exploring today. Your MCX subscription is company wide, so everyone at your firm will have access to the database. Contact Michael Isserlis at MCX for all the details.

How is the database organized?

Materials in the database are categorized based on their chemical composition:


Materials whose main constituent is carbon in the form of diamond, graphite, buckyballs, nanotubes, or carbon fiber.


Composites of Portland or other cement with additives such as sand, glass, metal fibers or other aggregates.


A molecular combination of a metal such as aluminum or zinc, and a nonmetal such as oxygen or carbon to create durable, heat-resistant, and electrically insulating materials.


Amorphous or crystalline structures of ceramics based upon silicon and oxygen (SiO2) that are transparent or translucent.


A single metallic element or combination of metallic and other elements (alloy) that produces ductile, durable, electrically and heat-conductive materials that tend to reflect light.


A material that has been grown or mined from the earth.


Long chain molecules, mostly carbon-based, which are synthetic, moldable, colorable and lightweight.

See library materials in action

Wilsonart High Pressure Decorative Laminate (HPL)

Laminate is 70% paper and is regarded as the most environmentally friendly countertop surface available today. Wilsonart® Laminate offers ultimate design and budget flexibility with its Virtual Design Library and WxY custom solutions. HPL is created by compressing resin-treated paper layers under high heat and pressure and is used by leading furniture companies on work surfaces and components, as well as on interior doors and restroom partitions. HPL may also be applied locally to custom cabinetry and fixtures, displays, tables, and more. HPL performance and specialty options include:

  • Chemical
  • Fire
  • Wear Resistance
  • Color matched core
  • Custom printed décor
  • Small samples