Rustic and Refine

This was a whole house remodeling project. It was the first remodeling project of Ann Interior Design. After its completion, this project was featured on the Living and Design magazine. (住宅美學 July, 2010 click here to see the page photos)

Some of the projects for this house included redesigning of all bathrooms, adding a loft, and increasing storage space. I also advised on the exterior and garden design. By adding an outdoor seating area with drapes, it provides visually expansion to the not-so-big living room. The interesting part about this project is that the clients have a specific brand of furniture they like to use. They love the high quality mahogany furniture from the company ”Mahogany“. So we carefully picked some styles that we could work with, which are welcoming, warm and kid’s friendly. It took about two months for the company made all the furniture and shipped the cargo from Indonesia to the states. Along with the sophisticated furniture, a casual style achieved through natural materials, calming wall colors ,white panels and shelves .

Click here to see the entire set of photos. (before, in progress, and after)