Elevator Lobby © Henderson Kelly
Corporate Offices - Hedge Fund Firm


Corporate Offices
United States
Corporate Offices
United States

The corporate offices for a Seattle based hedge fund firm occupying the top floor of the Rainer Tower.
Project Information
18,636 square foot space - Services included programming, space planning, interior architecture, construction documents and specifications, project management and furniture procurement.
To open the views of Puget Sound and to celebrate the building’s architectural form. 
Design Statement
The design goal was achieved by holding back all the partitions from the perimeter. Ceiling heights vary based upon function.  The ceiling progressively gets higher toward the perimeter reaching a height of twelve feet.  The elevator lobby features wood paneling in walnut which is subdivided by back-lit sections of onyx.  The flooring is walnut plank with a custom Tibetan rug featuring stripes of varying color and width.  The walnut floor continues into the Reception Area and is highlighted by a Tibetan rug in a geometric motif.  The offices and open areas are illuminated with ambient lighting. Suites are created within the open area by use of custom over-scaled pendants.  Office partitions are full height butted glass reinforcing the firm’s philosophy of being open and working as a team.  Additionally, a light shelf and the walnut plank flooring run the entire length of the glass partition.