Visterra Credit Union

Branch Bank Design
Brand Projecting Tower


Moreno Vally, California
United States
Moreno Vally, California
United States

A sculptural signage tower connects the community through a 24 hour glass technology "Bridge" to the greeter zone, directory, community wall and self help kiosk areas.  Beyond "Main Street" are the offices, MSR's and teller back wall.  These are boutique-like suggesting an architectural metaphor to an outdoor marketplace.  Marquis signage and overhead canopies reinforce this feeling. 17,000 sq ft
Design Concepts:
- Create a strong utilitiarian facility, not an opulent building.
- Use of transparency and light to create a feeling of coolness and lightness for this desert climate.
- Embrace the "automobile culture" thru "Main Street", garage door, wheels on millwork and "Bridge"