Award Winning: J.W. Marriott Medispa & Spa

Award Winning: Avanti Spa & MediSpa
Award Winning: Avanti Spa & Medispa


United States
United States

The service provided by Leslie McGwire was highly prosonalized, efficient and very professional. I would like to highlight to you that if it wasn't the caliber of service provided by Leslie, I would not have chosen her in the partnership. Leslie's strengths include, ability to capture the big picture, attention to detail, orchestrating complex tasks, deep industry knowledge, professionalism, and wonderful artistic ability! She can totally connect the dots and enable visualization for her customers.

In addition, she went the extra mile to make my project possible. Examples include, marathon meetings (one meeting ran from 9 AM to 6 PM) working with Corporate to facilitate a very tight delivery schedule, working closely with my arthitect and providing consultation service to ensure that the total ambiance of the Medispa is right. She did an amazing design job as Avanti Spa & Medispa at the JM Marriot Resort was voted: 
"Salon of Distinction" by Salon Today Magazine.

Also, the highest award from the Tacoma-Piece County Chamber of Washington was given out to Avanti Spa & Medispa at the JM Marriot Resort; it's called the "Ghilarducci Award."


Mark Hollander