An American Classic

An American icon, the small-town diner is a treasured part of history across the country.  In business for over 60 years, one such gem is the Jerry’s Restaurant chain.  This chain needed a little face lift to update its appearance in preparation for the next 60 years!  The design concept for Jerry’s was “An American Classic.” While each diner site is unique, by creating an integrated design using classic diner elements, these were able to be applied throughout the chain.  A new color palette of red, gold, soft green and black provided a sharp backdrop to showcase stainless steel backsplashes, new stainless lighting fixtures, and framed photos of classic diners from across the country. Black boards, strong graphics, commercial-grade striped wall covering and new decals spruced up these older buildings with a fresh and exciting feel.  Done on a shoe string budget with the owner and his wife hanging wallpaper and photos, the homestyle feel is not just for show-it’s an American Classic.