1. When is Real World Design Week?
    November 2 - 8, 2014

  3. Is Real World Design Week an annual program?
    Yes, 2014 is the seventh year! We thank you for your patience while we work to enhance this program and the matching platform that connects our members nationwide. Any feedback is welcome and can be directed to rwdw@asid.org

  5. What happens during Real World Design Week?
    ASID Designer members and Industry Partner representatives host one-day shadow experiences for student members at their work locations nationwide. This program is to provide a platform for rising designers to connect with those working in the design industry and to potentially create a lasting relationship for both people involved. 

  7. Who is eligible to participate in Real World Design Week?
    ALL ASID members are eligible to participate in RealWorld DesignWeek: students, designers and Industry Partners.

  9. How and when do members sign up for Real World Design Week?
    Real World Design Week offers an online registration process. Upon registration, practitioners will submit their contact information, a description of their practice area and a listing of their availability. Students may register in early fall of 2014. Students will be able to browse the shadow day listings created by practitioners and self-register for one they are interested in. Pairings will be first come, first served so students are encouraged to register early. For more information on the program resources and instructions on how to navigate the registration portal, please view the Real World Design Week Cheat Sheet and Real World Design Week Registration Steps.
  10. Can faculty advisors limit the number of student participants per school?
    No. All student members are eligible to participate in Real World Design Week. Many schools require some form of internship and this program can help meet that goal or can be the beginning of a professional relationship that results in an internship or entry-level job after graduation.

  12. Can more than one student shadow with a practitioner on the same day?
    This is not the norm, however it has been one of the most successful models for serving multiple students through one event.  The mentor has complete control over the request and will receive an email notifying him or her that a student has tried to connect. The mentor will then have to remove his or her listing (or go inactive) once he or she has been matched with a mentee and are no longer accepting requests. You can do this by logging in to the registration portal and selecting "inactive" from the drop down menu under Status. 

  14. Can practitioners host multiple shadow-day experiences during Real World Design Week?
    Yes, a practitioner may host one or more students per day on multiple days during the week. This is encouraged, as more students will be able to participate. Please note that your name and shadow day listing will remain active and visible until you remove/make your listing inactive. The mentor is responsible for approving/denying any requests to shadow. Mentors can also search for students, if you have not yet been contacted and still would like to host.

  16. Can a student participate in multiple shadow day experiences with different practitioners during RWDW?
    Yes, you are able to send as many shadow day requests as you would like if you are able to attend them. The designer will have to approve the request in order to complete the match. A shadow day match is not confirmed until a response is sent that says "approve" or "denied." If a student is denied (possibly because the designer's openings are full), then they are encouraged to keep checking back regularly for new additions to the database. They can also contact their chapter's administrator to help make a connection. 

  18. Can student members select shadow experiences outside of their state or professional chapter?
    Yes. This event accommodates students who are lacking shadow experiences in their local area and students who know that they are moving to a particular region post-graduation and would like to establish professional connections through Real World Design Week. You are now able to search for listings by selecting a state(s) or by select keywords. 

  20. If a student has to travel a significant distance for his/her shadow day, who incurs the cost for this?
    This is the student's responsibility; however, it is anticipated that some practitioners may be able to subsidize partial costs. This should be discussed and confirmed before any travel plans are made. 

  22. What should practitioners do who would like to participate in Real World Design Week but are unavailable the week of November  2 - 8?
    Real World Design Week highlights a week that celebrates the matching of a student and design professional, but by no means regulates or limits the shadow day events to this time. When registering, practitioners can specify the exact dates for which they can accommodate students OR let it be known the best days for them (e.g., Mondays, MWF, mornings, et). There is also a button that you can select if the dates gived are "flexible." 

    Adhering to the official dates for Real World Design Week is highly encouraged for members, however it is anticipated that there will be students who prefer the expanded date options as well.

  23. What happens if something unforeseen occurs and the student or the practitioner can no longer commit to the scheduled shadow day?
    Rescheduling is not a problem and should be agreed upon through direct communication between the practitioner and student.

  25. How will ASID accommodate the students and practitioners who are not matched up?
    ASID is committed to matching all students and designers, but this can be challenged by the availability or location of both parties. Many chapters have created a one-day event for all students in the area to attend, which allows them to connect with multiple designers at once and also interact with the local design community. Need help connecting with your area students or want help creating a successful shadow day for your chapter? Email us at rwdw@asid.org - we are here to help you! 

  27. It seems there are too few designers to accommodate the needs of the students. How does ASID plan to address this?
    ASID needs to stress through national and local marketing efforts, that the shadow day hosts are not limited to our designer members. Professional, Allied, Educator and Industry Partner representatives are all encouraged to participate in Real World Design Week. The participation of all of these member segments will ensure that students can select from a large number of practitioners and a wide scope of work locations. The goal is to show students that the options for design-related careers are vast. To make the program a success, ASID needs the help of professional chapters to market Real World Design Week to their entire memberships.