Lakewold Gardens Showhouse Mudroom

Mud Room view 1

A touch of whimsey to an otherwise glamorous house.  Formerly the laundry room, this fun space has been transformed into a room to enjoy craft projects, ready planters for the garden, arrange flowers, wrap gifts, or enjoy a quiet moment.
Wiener Dog Fabric ; Duralee
Workroom. Puget Sound Draperies
Flooring;  Contract Furnishings Mart - Fife
Flooring Installation;     Floors FX
Lighting Fixtures;     Crescent Lighting - Fife
Lighting Installer;    Bittman Electric
Paint; Benjamin Moore/Mallory Paint
Painting contractor;  Letmark Painting
Armoire  & Potting Table;   The Design Gallery
Craft Supplies;  Irene Russo
Flowering Planters; Beverley Rogers
Stools; Collins Group Design