Student Resources: Recruitment

Year-round recruitment of new ASID student members on campus can benefit your chapter in many ways. Pass out or hang up membership flyers, or show a video in one of the interior design studios. ASID recruitment tools will help your chapter inform and recruit potential ASID student members.

Student Membership Poster

The student poster not only highlights ASID student member benefits, it is customizable for each student chapter. Fill out your chapter’s upcoming event information in the space provided.

Let the poster do the talking
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Student Journey Postcard

Know of a friend or classmate who is near graduation? This two-sider is exactly what you need. ASID has in-person professional development programs, swag, discounts, and job search tools ready for all graduating students. Learn about what’s next after graduation.

Pass along to a friend or classmate.
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ASID Student Applications

Have the proper application on-hand when recruiting potential members. ASID is the leading professional organization for the interior design industry — make sure students know that it’s THE resource to help them advance and excel in today's marketplace. 

View all student applications.  

Recruitment Cheat Sheet

Need a quick reference for recruitment tips and talking points? This cheat sheet is the perfect tool to quickly pull information together for your next recruitment event.

Get recruiting in less time!  
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Rebate Program and Promotional Two-Sider

Who doesn't like free money? The ASID Rebate Program allows your chapter to earn income to help fund chapter events, travel, recruitment drives and programs. For each ASID student member affiliated with your school who joins or renews online, your student chapter will receive $5 back.

Learn more about the Rebate Program

Recruit a member, earn $5 for your chapter!

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Student Journey PowerPoint

This slideshow is a great way to start off a recruitment meeting with potential members. Invite them to socialize, talk about their interior design passion and how they can get involved. Your chapter can show the slideshow in classrooms. Request PPT with notes by emailing

Conduct an easy presentation to showcase member benefits  
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Student Recruitment Talking Points

It’s important to visit studios to get the word out about your ASID student chapter. Review the recruitment talking points to support your presentation.

Know exactly what to say. 

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ASID Student Recruitment Videos

Share these videos in your studio, on your chapter website or at chapter meetings. Each three-minute recruitment video will provide highlights of ASID membership benefits.

Share to spread the word.   (Vimeo)

ASID Student Recruitment Videos

Connect with other student members to spread the word about the benefits of ASID student membership. 

Get Connected.   (Vimeo)