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Bridget McMullin, ASID, CID, CAPS

McMullin Design Group

How Many Years Have You Been Practicing Design? 12 years

Have You Worked In Any Other Cities/Countries? We have completed homes in several locations across the United States.

Do You Have Expertise In Other Fields Aside From Design? I took a winding path to design. From nanny to bartender, restaurant manager to event planner, it is in these professions I learned two top qualities found in any successful designer- sales and organization!

Trends You Forecast To Be Relevant In Design and Society in 2013? I truly believe the value of design is coming full circle. Between television, the real estate boom, and the influx of cheap products from China- interior design had become a commodity, thus blurring the actual true value of the service the designer brings to the table and the products that they may supply. After the financial crisis of the past few years, clients are now rediscovering the value of the designer especially when it comes to evaluating quality versus cost. The concept of "cheap" is now understood in bigger terms in how it affects our homes, our environment, and our bottom line- in other words, cheaper isn't always better. Thus, clients are now saving money to work towards quality in design and goods, understanding that things that last cost a little more and take more time to manufacturer.