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ASID Announces 2019 Edition of Platform: A Retreat for Design Visionaries

Platform Returns for its Third Year With a Curated and Diverse Array of Speakers

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has announced the 2019 edition of Platform: A Retreat for Design Visionaries, September 18-20, 2019 at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego. The annual Platform program offers an inspiring and thought-provoking three-day summit for design leaders, partners, and principals. With innovation and collaboration at its core, Platform is built to challenge attendees and initiate dialogue, relaxation, and growth - driving the entire industry forward with new ideas and creative connections.

“Platform is a unique opportunity for thought-leaders and design principals to take a break from their daily routines and open their schedules and minds to reflection and inspiration,” explains Randy Fiser, Hon. FASID, CEO, ASID. “Whether it’s through captivating speakers, discussion forums, or networking, Platform offers a balance of introspection and engagement for the design community to recharge, motivate, and shape the future of the industry.”

Built to spark curiosity and act as a catalyst for positive change within the design profession, Platform distinguishes itself by bringing together today’s design visionaries for intentional engagement and conversation. Throughout the three days, attendees participate in a variety of networking opportunities, nuanced discussions, enlightening speaker presentations, and unique dining events. Design principals, partners, and owners are invited to connect with their colleagues and peers, explore their surroundings and the landscape of San Diego, and challenge their personal processes and ideas.

Attendees will examine leadership and innovation through a variety of lenses ranging from business, technology, entrepreneurship, the arts, and more - over the course of the experience. Headlined by top speakers, decision-makers, and cultural influencers, these talks and keynotes will provide a forum for conversation about the future of design and how design professionals can further their own impact.

Platform’s 2019 speakers include (with more to be announced soon):


ButterscotchButterscotch: Singer, Beatboxer, Songwriter, Musician
On Empowerment, Courage, and Pride

Butterscotch, the vocal percussionist virtuosa, uses her powerful voice to defy the social constructs of gender and music. She began her career in the underground, male-dominated beatbox battle scene, where she was recognized as the world's first female beatbox champion. Butterscotch blends Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, and Reggae in her emotionally and physically invigorating shows that feature the fusion of singing, beatboxing, and playing either piano or guitar simultaneously, or creating endless layers on her loop station. With a voice reminiscent of Billie Holiday and rap verses comparable to Lauryn Hill, Butterscotch courageously sings about her love life, depression, and the daily struggles of being a bi-racial queer woman of color. Her philanthropic mission is to empower and elevate people through music and compassion. Butterscotch has opened for Erykah Badu, Earth, Wind & Fire, Thievery Corporation, Sergio Mendes, Wyclef Jean, and other musical legends.


Seth Stephens-Davidowitz: Author of “Everybody Lies,” Former Google Data Scientist, The New York Times Opinion Writer, Wharton Visiting Lecturer
On What the Internet & Big Data Reveals About Who We Are

In “Everybody Lies,” a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz explores how Google searches open an unprecedented window into human behavior, choice, and decision-making. This former Google data scientist draws on his Internet research to reveal what we really think about politics, race, economics, advertising, sports, sexuality, health, and many other aspects of 21st century life. His debut book summarizes this research, arguing that much of what we thought from traditional, offline data sources has been dead wrong. Stephens-Davidowitz is a contributing op-ed writer for The New York Times and a former visiting lecturer at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he developed a course about his research. He has a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University and a B.A. in Philosophy from Stanford University.


Platform is supported by generous sponsors including: Benjamin Moore, Cosentino, Signature Kitchen Suite, HNI Group (Allsteel, Gunlocke, HBF), and Interior Design. To register to attend Platform, you must have an access code. If you do not have an access code, please apply here. For more information on Platform, please visit

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