Honorary Medalist Award

The ASID Honorary Medalist award is a distinguished honor granted by the Society that recognizes individuals who are not interior designers by profession but who have demonstrated outstanding service and significant contributions to a chapter(s), and/or to the body of knowledge that supports the profession of interior design. The Honorary Medalist award honors those who have advanced the profession through their chosen career path while furthering the goals of ASID and the interior design industry through effective volunteerism, shared expertise, and demonstrated leadership. Acceptance of a Medalist award does not preclude members from a future honorary fellowship.

The Honorary Medalist award is granted on the basis of a candidate fulfilling two of the following three criteria, each of the two criteria to count for 50% in the scoring:

1. Outstanding and significant service to an ASID chapter and/or the profession of interior design. These contributions may be one or more of the following:

  • A genuine commitment to advancing the goals and/or strategic plan of the chapter(s) or Society;
  • a significant contribution to chapter service, programs, and/or projects.

2. Significant local, regional, or national contributions to interior design education. These contributions may be one or more of the following:

  • Leadership within the profession, including educational and research contributions;
  • leadership roles in related organizations such as NCIDQ, CIDA, etc.;
  • contributions to educational efforts that serve to further design excellence.

3. Outstanding, significant, and continued contributions that have enriched the human experience in one or more of the following design-related fields:

  • Community involvement and leadership;
  • historic preservation;
  • research of lasting significance;
  • design innovation;
  • environmental and/or sustainable design;
  • universal design;
  • authoring books and/or articles that advance the interior design field;
  • providing education in an innovative manner.

Submission Guidelines
The following must be submitted for each nominee:

  1. A completed nomination form, containing endorsements by at least three chapter board members OR ASID Members in good standing.
  2. A bulleted summary clearly describing how the candidate meets the eligibility criteria.
  3. The nominee’s curriculum vitae, in chronological format, including employment history.
  4. A bulleted summary, arranged chronologically, substantiating the nominee’s involvement for a minimum of 10 years (e.g., list the candidate's honors, awards, citations, offices, and chair positions held, and the year in which they were held).
  5. Three letters of reference substantiating that the nominee meets the eligibility criteria outlined in the previous pages.

Each chapter is allowed one nomination annually for every 300 professional members. This translates into one nominee for the first 300 professional members; two nominees for chapter membership between 301 and 600, and so on. If a nominee has served more than one chapter, the nominating chapter must count this submission as their first permitted nominee. However, the chapter where the member previously served may still nominate a current chapter member. A nomination by a member-at-large (not by the chapter) does not override a chapter nomination or reduce the allowable number of nominations.

*Please include only the documentation listed above in electronic nomination submissions; do not include additional materials such as publication articles or photos.