Industry Partner Merit Award

As the highest Industry Partner (IP) award bestowed by the society, the IP Merit award honors those who have shown outstanding and significant service to their chapters of the Society, made contributions that have enhanced the chapter or Society, and who have enriched the human experience through support of the design profession. 

The Industry Partner Merit Award is granted on the basis of a candidate fulfilling TWO of the following three criteria, each of the two criteria to count for 50% in the scoring:

1. Outstanding service to the Chapter and to the profession of interior design in one or more the following:

  • serving on a chapter board or committee;
  • demonstrating a high level of participation in committee work;
  • demonstrating a genuine commitment to advancing the chapter’s strategic plan goals;
  • significantly contributing to chapter projects or programs such as fundraisers, community service, and enrichment (CEU’s, trade shows, public awareness, etc.).

2. Significant local, regional, or national contributions to the interior design profession in one of more the following:

  • Advancing favorable legislation;
  • contributing in the fields of education and/or research;
  • serving in leadership roles in related organizations such as NCIDQ, CIDA, etc.;
  • participating in government task forces, review committees, and/or licensing boards;
  • serving on national councils, committees, task forces, and/or board of directors.

3. Significant and continued contributions that have enriched the human experience in one or more of the following design-related fields:

  • Community involvement and leadership (including pro-bono work);
  • historic preservation;
  • research of lasting significance;
  • design innovation;
  • environmental and/or sustainable design;
  • universal design.

To be considered eligible, Merit award nominees must be current ASID IP national, regional, or local members in good standing. Current board members, fellows, or members of the current ASID National Examiners Committee are ineligible. Other notes on eligibility:

  • Nominees must have demonstrated significant chapter involvement for five or more years. It shall be the responsibility of the chapter board or nominator to research, document, and make its evaluation of the quality and quantity of the nominee's contribution, as well as the ethical character and professionalism of the nominee.

Submission Guidelines
The following must be submitted for each nominee:

  • Completed electronic nomination form containing endorsements by at least three chapter board members OR ASID members in good standing.
  • A bulleted summary clearly stating how the candidate meets the eligibility criteria.
  • A bulleted summary, arranged chronologically, substantiating the nominee’s involvement for a minimum of five years (e.g., list the candidate's honors, awards, citations, offices. and chair positions held, and the year in which they were held).
  • Three letters of reference substantiating that the nominee meets the eligibility criteria outlined in the previous pages.

Each chapter is allowed one nomination annually for every 300 professional members. This translates into one nominee for the first 300 professional members; two nominees for chapter membership between 301 and 600, and so on. If a nominee has served more than one chapter, the nominating chapter must count this submission as their first permitted nominee. However, the chapter where the member previously served may still nominate a current chapter member. A nomination by a member-at-large (not by the chapter) does not override a chapter nomination or reduce the allowable number of nominations.

* Note: Please include only the documentation listed above in electronic nomination submissions; do not include additional materials such as publication articles or photos.

Notes on Nominating

For ASID local chapters or nominating ASID members: If you or your chapter is interested in nominating a deserving Industry Partner Representative for consideration, please complete the online nomination form. Please note that all nominees must have been an Industry Partner Representative for at least five years, and nominees must have had truly significant accomplishments to merit consideration.

For current ASID Industry Partner Representatives: If you are interested in being considered for this award, we encourage you to contact your local chapter.

If you have questions about the award or the nomination process, please contact the ASID Education and Engagement team at for assistance.