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The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings 2016: Tactical Intelligence to Transform Building Design and Construction

Consideration of the impact of the built environment on health and well-being is not new, but it has emerged recently as an increasingly important priority in the design and construction industry. As greater public awareness drives demand, buildings designed and operated to enhance the health and well-being of their occupants will be important differentiators in an increasingly green marketplace.

Dodge Data & Analytics first examined health as a transformative trend in 2014 with the Drive Toward Healthier Buildings SmartMarket Report. This study builds upon the findings of the previous one by examining how U.S. building owners, developers and managers consider the impact of buildings on health and well- being, including their degree of interest in healthier building features, their goals for their investments in those features, the drivers and obstacles they perceive for increasing their investments in healthier buildings and the benefits they have accrued from creating healthier buildings. The owner responses are contrasted with those of architects, interior designers and contractors in order to clarify what is needed to create healthier buildings: what data is of greatest interest, where more communication between industry players is needed and what factors will drive the industry forward to encourage the creation of healthier buildings.

The findings show that architects, interior designers and contractors currently underestimate the importance of several goals that their clients have for healthier buildings. One of the most notable examples is the top goal reported by owners: 75% of owners want to achieve improved employee/tenant satisfaction when they invest in healthier buildings, but only 68% of architects, 51% of contractors and 41% of interior designers see this as a top goal for their clients.