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ASID Workplace Design Sector Brief

The Workplace Design sector brief builds on the ASID 2016-2017 Outlook and State of the Industry report by exploring the factors affecting design in the workplace sector. How do the factors affecting all design disciplines play out in workplace design? To search for answers, we relied on the information gathered for the Outlook report, as well as a scan of workplace design literature, and discussions with the workplace design Think Tank (see list in Acknowledgments).

While the influences are many, the key factors affecting workplace design explored in this report are the economy, generational differences, well-being, community, data and knowledge, and value proposition. For each factor, we try to answer three questions:

  1. What are the key points for each factor?
  2. How does it affect design, and
  3. How can designers be proactive in response?

Additionally, we list some key workplace trends to contextualize how workplace design fits into the changing world of work. The Change Maker Challenge section charges interior designers to make their mark in the design process and to showcase their leadership skills, which, together with research and education, will be critical for the future.

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