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ASID Interior Design Billings Index (IDBI) Q3 Report


Third quarter ASID survey results show positive, but cooling trend

The American Society of Interior Designers’ (ASID) Interior Design Billings Index (IDBI) shows positive growth in billings for September with a score of 55.6, while the June ASID IDBI score registered slightly higher at 58.8. The September index is weaker than its three-month moving average of 56.2, indicating a slowing of positive revenue growth.

Third quarter demand for Interior Design services varied across the four size cohorts

Sole practitioner design firms reported a strong September IDBI score of 53.6, indicating ongoing strength. Firms of larger than 25 or fewer than 10 employees also reported growth in month over month billings. Firms employing between 10 and 24 workers however, reported declining billings for the quarter.

Billings’ growth differs across regions for interior design services

Only design firms in the Midwest showed billing increases relative to second quarter scores. Other regions report a softening if not an outright decline in billings. Scores ranged from 62 in the South (still positive month over month) to 42 in the West. The IDBI score for design firms in the West indicates declining month over month billings for the region.

Third quarter billing results are positive for residential design services but not for commercial and institutional design services

Billings for design firms specializing in single-family and multi-family residential sectors have shown trending gains since December 2016, posting scores of 55.6 and 57 in September. Commercial sector interior designers have reported slowing billings since February 2017. The commercial IDBI moving average reported in September was 47.7, indicating that billings declined from August to September for these respondents. Institutional markets fell to an IDBI score of 47.3, a sub-50 score that indicates a month over month billings decline.