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ASID 2019 Interior Design Salaries & Benefits General Report (Super Bundle)

General Report, Specialization Report, Firm Size Report, and ASID 2019 Outlook and State of the Industry Report

The world is a competitive marketplace. As a profession that provides specialized services and requires a variety of both hard and soft skills, professionals in the interior design field must craft their competitive edge with unique characteristics and skill sets that will lead to success in the profession. Employers must understand and identify these characteristics to attract, retain, and grow talent.

The purpose of the ASID 2019 Interior Design Salaries & Benefits General Reports is to empower the interior design professional with the tools to design their own purposeful career, and for employers to generate creative fuel that supports professionals and advances their businesses. The general report provides an overview of the interior design business and today’s professional using data collected from the ASID Compensation and Fee Benchmarking survey. Subsequent reports will provide deeper analysis with additional focus on career opportunities by specializations and firm characteristics.

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