Staff Members
Christine Kalambary
Christine Kalambary
Member Engagement Program Manager

Christine brings a wealth of experience to our team, with over 10 years of expertise in nonprofit and association management. Her impressive background includes working with a diverse range of individuals, from Federal Law Enforcement Officers to Engineers. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from the illustrious Morgan State University. Since joining ASID, Christine has focused on enhancing student member engagement, drawing on her past association experience to bring more student presence into ASID and develop enriching student-related programming.

Not only is Christine a dedicated professional, but she also brings a vibrant personal background to the table. Having grown up in Prince George's County, MD, she is of Nigerian-Congolese descent. As a proud mother to a wonderful 6-year-old boy, she cherishes her time with him. In her spare moments away from her son, Christine immerses herself in AI creator classes and is currently working on creating and illustrating her own captivating children's book series.
Here are some fun facts about Christine:

  1. She was born in Kenya, adding an international flair to her diverse experiences.
  2. Her love for travel knows no bounds, especially when she can share those adventures with her son.
  3. Making a difference is a true passion of hers, and she strives to leave a positive impact wherever she goes.
  4. Exploring new restaurants is one of her guilty pleasures, as she revels in savoring good food and creating memorable moments.