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Rebecca SparenbergRebecca Sparenberg
Rebecca Sparenberg
Senior Associate, Web Marketing

Rebecca Sparenberg joined ASID as Senior Web Marketing Associate in 2013. She is an accomplished communications and marketing leader with over 10 years’ experience developing and executing successful digital campaigns to enhance messaging and brand awareness. At ASID, Rebecca oversees all digital ventures, including the development and implementation of new websites – and an entirely new digital experience – for ASID headquarters and its 47 chapters.

Rebecca began her career in publishing at a firm in San Diego where she covered three FEI World Cups and the 2008 Olympic qualifiers. She also worked for J. McLaughlin in Brooklyn during Superstorm Sandy – the rescue boats from NY Harbor were parked on her street when the harbor crested – and later went on to work in the digital media department for the Baltimore Ravens.

Rebecca has a B.A. in Mass Communications and B.S. in Animal Science from Centenary University, as well as an M.A. in Communications, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University. She is looking forward to her next digital adventure with ASID.


  1. Is an avid equestrian and has trained in England with Olympians Jane Wilson and Christopher Bartle.
  2. Plays the violin, piano, and guitar. None of them well.
  3. Taught communications technology to teachers in Fuzhou, China.
  4. Covered firestorms, mud slides, and earthquakes as a reporter in California.
  5. Names her dogs after peanut characters: Lucy, Linus, and Rerun (coming soon).