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Susan Chung, Ph.D.Susan Chung, Ph.D.
Susan Chung, Ph.D.
Vice President, Research & Knowledge

Susan Chung, Ph.D., focuses on the impact of design research. As senior research associate, she connects design with research to improve human experiences in the interior environment, translates research into applicable design implications, and conducts research projects that create meaningful positive impacts. She comes from an interior design background, holding a BA from Michigan State University and an MID from the University of Florida. She integrated interior design with behavioral research for her doctorate degree in Human Behavior and Design at Cornell University, with a focus on design attributes related to creativity in workplace environments.

She has been a visiting scholar at Cornell for the past three summers, teaching an interdisciplinary course introducing how design is in all our surroundings and empowering students as to how they can use design to make a difference in our world. She has published in peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Interior Design and Health Environments Research and Design Journal, periodically writes for the ASID ICON Blog, and has presented at various design and research conferences. She enjoys being in the field of interior design due to its variety and indisciplinarity. Working at ASID is the perfect place to understand the industry and field in its entirety, and identify areas for in-depth research, which is similar to how she sees the world – from a systems view.

Susan loves to travel, yet also loves to stay at home, enjoys cooking, but will never turn down someone who offers to cook, and isn’t shy about speaking in front of very large groups, but prefers a company of two or three people. She enjoys story-telling, and is continually inspired by her three nieces.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Susan

  1. First international travel was at age 7 months
  2. Aspired to be an interior designer since second grade, believing that design impacts lives
  3. Proficient in speaking through facial expressions
  4. Can project her voice like a surround system, but only when the situation calls for it
  5. Holds three stomachs: one for meals, one for water, and one for desserts