Fresh, Acquired, Worldly
A unique interior featuring three aesthetics in one. Crisp, simple cream and green colors offer a light, fresh, sophisticated backdrop. Varieties of patterns and textures lend a worldly appearance to the entire space, complementing existing Asian antiques and new furnishings selected for their perceived heirloom qualities. Natural light floods every room of the home.

2011 - ASID Honorable Mention, Multiple Rooms/Entire Residence under 1000SF

These photos are from multiple homes staged for sale in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland, San Leandro, and Alameda cities.  Staging took less than an hour at each location, with a crew of 6 workers and pre-supplied furnishings, props, plants, and art.

A rennovation was needed to open up this Union St. apartment and allow for a better inflow of natural light. The end result was a clean, modern, and organic aesthetic.

In this room I used a rich milk chocolate color on the walls to create a coziness that the room was lacking since it was so large. A dresser was refinished with a grey enamel and low-sheen urethane to look timeowrn and add character but stand up to the rigors of daily use. The dresser does double-duty as a changing table. Blackout curtains run the length of the short wall and are flanked by lighter khaki stationary panels. The gallery wall was designed to old photos from the pregnancy, the first days, and as the child grew. 

Domain Idea Boards illustrate through photos and text what the mood of the space will be, using inspiring objects from every genre to shed light on the elements of design that you can't capture through objects alone.

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