The goal of my project is designing a space to market an experience! I aim at surprising the 7Gr potential customer with the same surprise tactic as the effect of the “Little blue Tiffany Box”. It is the idea of “something small – and something precious”. I thrive to provide the same sense of anticipation in opening a small box and finding a precious jewel inside. In the present case, a beautifully designed coffee bar/kiosk with aromatic and tasty espresso.

I am a proud 2011 graduate of The Art Institute of New York City.  I also have two plus years of practical experience gut renovating a 1910 Greek Revival house in the ski resort town of Stowe Vermont (The Adams Mill Project).  It was extremely challenging and a labor of love...

A lifestyle changing interior renovation. A sophisticated look for a traditional home.

This complete interior renovation of a 70's home captures the amazing Biscayne view and showcases contemporary clean details

Award Winning Designer & Provides Turn-Key Design





This project won The Energy Star Award, the first one to do so in Puerto Rico.


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