This project won The Energy Star Award, the first one to do so in Puerto Rico.

These beautiflu [ianos can be found on our showroom floor. Come browse the fiest pianos in the world

Great project for a younger couple in their mid 30's. They purchased a 4500 sq ft home and needed a little help....ok a lot of help. As I always tell my customers "It always takes longer than you might think". Being honest and upfront with my customers always seems to be the best way to proceed with a project. I listen carefully to my customers wishes are and their expectations, then I evaluate. Am I the best designer for the client, are we a good match. Note: Only once did I bow out of a project because I did not think the client and I were a good match.

Corporate - São Paulo - Brazil



- Design a physical store for a long established door to door and mail order product line

- Make real the authenticity of their established 1868 brand

- Represent "the most trusted natural products company"



- The past can be old and boring, stuffy, over designed and expensive

or it can be perceived as "vintage"

- An outdated style that has returned to fashion

- A style that is now rich with meaning



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