This project won The Energy Star Award, the first one to do so in Puerto Rico.

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Great project for a younger couple in their mid 30's. They purchased a 4500 sq ft home and needed a little help....ok a lot of help. As I always tell my customers "It always takes longer than you might think". Being honest and upfront with my customers always seems to be the best way to proceed with a project. I listen carefully to my customers wishes are and their expectations, then I evaluate. Am I the best designer for the client, are we a good match. Note: Only once did I bow out of a project because I did not think the client and I were a good match.

Corporate - São Paulo - Brazil



- Design a physical store for a long established door to door and mail order product line

- Make real the authenticity of their established 1868 brand

- Represent "the most trusted natural products company"



- The past can be old and boring, stuffy, over designed and expensive

or it can be perceived as "vintage"

- An outdated style that has returned to fashion

- A style that is now rich with meaning


This is a 6,964 sf retail branch bank.  The client requested a residential feel on the outside with a more contemporary western feel on the inside.  The building features an Idenity Tower, with wrap around porch which helps to reduce its scale.  All gables are designed for residential scale and put focus on the interior.  The hip roofs and horizontal elements offset the more vertical gable forms.  Custom columns with integrated lighting and banners along with large windows create a welcoming feel.  The interior is designed to engage the customer and direct flow and line of sight to product


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