I am dedicated to creating some of the most unique copper tables in the city of Houston for over a decade. This is one of my latest creations. Custom orders available contact me directly 713 880 2105 at my wood workshop. I have a team of master carpenters, sanding crew, and painters.  

Cleveland Art was founded in 1994 by Jason Wein. While working at the family salvage yard as a young man he saw the potential of industrial machinery and surplus being repurposed and recycled as functional design for the home, office and retail setting. For almost 20 years, Cleveland Art has been at the forefront of vintage and recycled industrial design.


Remodel for a salon studio, guest powder room. Consultation on furnishings, accessories, and paint.

Please visit our website for detailed information:

"Custom One Off Designs"  paint, clay, metals, fiberglass, wood.

Ted "Reese" Hollis

2630 North Oakland Ave

Springfield, MO




This design project was a renovation of an existing restaurant in downtown Dallas. The current space had two separate dining rooms. The client wished to transform the space by expanding the restaurant to enhance flow while also incorporating eclectic elements with her native Brazilian flair that mixed old and new.


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