Custom Furniture, Textures, very modern

Vacation Apartment in Isla Verde.

This project was a Turnkey Project and under Meclectico the interiors were done. Concept, custom design furniture
(specially for the rooftop lounge), texture and project management was part of the scope of work. This second
home luxury villa is currently being used for vacation purposes.

The focus of this space was to make a modern contemporary condo feel warm and inviting. The buzz words I used as my focus came from the client "contemporary" and "bohemian" as well as the phrase "I have decided that pink is empowering." From those thoughts- inviting, bohemian, pink, I looked at textures to soften the space and a mix of contemporary and ethnic patterns in pinks and oranges to create the bohemian vibe.

Residential - Brickell - Miami - USA



- Design a physical store for a long established door to door and mail order product line

- Make real the authenticity of their established 1868 brand

- Represent "the most trusted natural products company"



- The past can be old and boring, stuffy, over designed and expensive

or it can be perceived as "vintage"

- An outdated style that has returned to fashion

- A style that is now rich with meaning



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