This is my wall in my bedroom, which contain all of the best works of mine.

These photos are from multiple homes staged for sale in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland, San Leandro, and Alameda cities.  Staging took less than an hour at each location, with a crew of 6 workers and pre-supplied furnishings, props, plants, and art.

Maui Hawaii resort hospitality interior design with elegant ocean motifs.  Valorie Spence has won the ASID Award of Excellence for Hospitality Design in the State of Hawaii. 
Stay tuned for the redesign of another suite celebrating the "Aina", the botanicals of the land in Hawaii.

Living in a college dorm can be a challenge for an interior design student: you can't change the colors of the room, you can't nail into the walls to hang things, and you can't pick the furniture. You have to get creative with how to make a dull white-walled and ugly-tile floored room a beautiful and inviting living space. I chose to use pops of color from throw pillows and lightweight wall hangings that could be hung with command hooks. I made some risky decisions as far as color combinations go, but I think I pulled it off well.


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