3D rendering of Showroom Theater at 72 Chambers St, Fairfield CT

Claiming space for living is more economical than adding space.  This is a great example of how we recently claimed a long concrete storage level and transformed it into an inviting, useful multi-purpose living area.  The challenges of the duct work in the ceiling worked to our advantage, creating opportunities for lighting and millwork, visually separating spaces.  It’s hard to believe that this space went from cement block and plastic containers to comfortable seating, kitchen, powder room, game table nook, storage, library and relaxation by the fire! 

In 2006, Mr. Neal Prince Interior Designs for Inter-Continental Hotels are still strong today as they were during his tender. As Staff Vice-President of the Interior and Graphic Design Division for the International Inter-Continental Hotel Group from 1961; his Department's touch is still visible in many of the murals and matchbooks, sofas and stir sticks, banquet rooms in as many as 154 luxury hotels until his retirement in 1986. "When you've seen one of our Hotels, you haven't seen them all, " which an advertising slogan as Mr. Prince noted in one of his interviews.

A home childcare business, baking business, 2-boys-sports, coaching, entertaining, kids, kids and more kids-the lifestyle of a young family from Chelmsford!  They needed a major update to their living space but had a budget that seemed unrealistic.  However, the wife grew up here and knew she wanted to keep the old cabinets that were structurally very sound and functional.  They have sentimental value to her but were just old and ugly.  We had to keep them.   So with the client's wishes and a small budget we had no other choice but to look into cabinet refinishing and refacing.

Renovated the second floor "master bath" and guest bedroom.  Created a 1st Floor powder room out of wasted, storage/office space un upper landing.  We turned dated, small spaces into highly functional, beautiful, and  bright spaces.  A 1920, arts and crafts style triple decker in Somerville,MA with apt on lower level was transformed into a bright modern space for a professional couple.  The husband from Barbados and the wife a pharmacist originally from cold Iowa, needed light and color to reflect their artisitic and playful peronalities.


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