Harmonic Interaction of Styles

When a space is built, it evolve with today's lifestyle, merging the history of the past with the vibrant energy of the present. A combination of genres and styles coexist in the same universe, through a mixture of Louis XV furniture pieces, very contemporary furnishing and art pieces. It's all about composition, equilibrium and balance.

Romantic & Passionate Spirit

The concept of this residence begins with the spirituality and passion for life. This is a gentle and relaxed form of expression, which is sensible, reflecting a subtle and avant-garde contemporary style. The open plan in this space is the answer to the organize, passionate and risky spirit. Used of straight and curved lines are interconnected through the spatial dynamics and furniture selection. Cool colors, volumes and a variety of intensities in the quality of light bring elegance and simplicity to the atmosphere.

Futuristic & Dazzling

Architecture with Mediterranean flair, the proposal is based on a futuristic concept, though a reinterpreted classicism. French provincial style elements, dating from the 18-mid century and some quite contemporary pieces create a juxtaposition of styles, enhancing every detail with great harmony. A set of textures between the walls and textile art provides balance, calmness and innovation to the environment.


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