The design of the Tailored hair salon and art gallery in downtown San Francisco seeks to balance flexibility with economy, accommodating multiple spatial configurations using a set of modular furniture components. The 1200 square foot space simultaneously accommodates the everyday workings of a salon, while transforming into an art gallery for special occasions.

Business owners/Clients came to me with a need to rennovate their small town bakery.  The clients wanted a "comfy" setting, country (beacuse that is what the tourist come to see), and something totaly different (in comparison to the surrounding businesses).  This bakery is nestled in the heart of Amish country so I wanted to relfect those charcteristic while still upgrading to interiors into a modern aptmoshere.  I used rich textures found in all of the tables and original hardwood flooring, that also helped to convey the "country" feel.

This was a newly constructed home where the client was looking for a more transitional look that would be functional as well as confortable.  We furnished and designed the Formal living room, Formal Dining, breakfast nook, family room, home office and master suite.  It was a wonderful project!

This was a renovation and construction job. We added one bedroom and full bath in addition to gutting the master bath and rebuilding the entire south side of the home.  We also rebuilt the kitchen and added a new range hood design, replaced all lighting, paint, tile, wood moldings,  throughout the renovation.

The south wall of this master bedroom was furred out so that a reading alcove for the bed could be added to the room. The extra deep windows have the porcelain floor tile added so that plants can be placed in the windows during the winter since they are south facing. The rich chocolate brown walls and wine accents work beautifully with the gold bedding and window treatments.
Updated lighting and a beautiful wooden frame for the large mirrors along with fresh paint and accessories were just what this master bathroom needed to keep up with the master bedroom makeover.

Old-Fashioned Attentiveness, Forward-Thinking Pediatric Design


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