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Student Chapter Resources

Welcome ASID student chapter leaders! As you kick-off the new academic school year, ASID encourages you to browse, read and become familiar with the multiple resources that have been crafted for you and your student chapter. You may recognize some of these resources from your ASID Student Chapter Kick-off Kits. If you haven’t requested your chapter’s kit, please do so by emailing emergingleaders@asid.org.

As you grow and learn as a leader, please don’t feel like you need to re-create the wheel each time around. The resources provided here will not only guide you but give you an opportunity to expand upon previous programs and events. Good luck and remember that you have a network to help; email emergingleaders@asid.org if you can’t find what you’re looking for! 


Congratulations, you’re an ASID student leader! In order to fulfill your role, you will need to become familiar with your responsibilities, including understanding the large support network for students at the chapter and Society levels.

Learn about your role as an ASID student leader.



Running an ASID student chapter has many facets. To tackle as many projects as possible, ASID leadership resources have been developed to provide student chapter leaders and faculty advisors with information to assist in managing chapters.

Don't recreate the wheel; download guides and other resources here.



Welcome to the ASID student marketing center! This page will help you create quick, impactful and on-brand customization of a variety of materials. Please use these resources to help fulfill your communications needs, and feel free to reach out to ASID for guidance on future marketing endeavors.

On-brand marketing materials can help you represent and promote your chapter.



Year-round recruitment of new ASID student members on campus can benefit your chapter in many ways. Print, pass out or hang up flyers, or show a video in one of the interior design studios. ASID recruitment tools will help your chapter inform and recruit potential ASID student members.

Grow your student chapter today.