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ASID Staff


MAIN PHONE NUMBER: 202-546-3480
FAX: 202-546-3240
E-MAIL:  asid@asid.org

718 7th St. NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC  20001


Executive Office

Randy Fiser Chief Executive Officer 202-675-2354
Chris Tucker Chief Operating Officer 202-675-2365
Fernando Arias Director, Strategic Initiatives  


Finance & Administration

Rick Peluso Chief Financial Officer 202-675-2348
Katina Davis Senior Human Resources Associate 202-675-2342
Russ Anema Network Engineer 202-675-2375


Education and Engagement

Karol Kaiser Vice President, Education and Engagement 202-675-2359
Matthew DeGeeter Director, Education and Engagement 202-675-2379
DJ Johnson Director, Chapter Development 202-675-2374
Valerie O'Keefe Senior Associate, Education and Engagement 202-675-2351
Lindsay Marshall Associate, Education and Engagement 202-675-2346
Angelo Ford Associate, Education and Engagement 202-675-2364
Tiffany Neumann Associate, Education and Engagement 202-675-2352
Sarita Williams Coordinator, Education and Engagement 202-675-2341


Member and Industry Development

Christopher Wojcik Vice President, Membership and Industry Development 202-675-2356
Lorina McLeod Sr. Associate, Membership and Industry Development 202-675-2373
Amanda Taylor Associate, Membership and Industry Development 202-675-2358
Evonne Crocker Associate, Membership and Industry Development 202-675-2377
Victoria Satterfield Associate, Membership and Industry Development 202-675-2378


Research and Knowledge Resources

Shay Levy Business Intelligence Analyst 202-675-2355
Sung Eun "Susan" Chung Research Analyst 202-765-2371


Marketing and Communications

Laura Horsley Vice President, Marketing and Communications 202-675-2367
Hannah Flauaus Senior Associate, Events Management 202-675-2343
Rebecca Sparenberg Senior Associate, Web Marketing 202-675-2362


Government and Public Affairs

Alexis de Armas Specialist, Government and Public Affairs  202-675-2347
William Dessert Specialist, Government and Public Affairs 202-675-2345