Board of Directors: Eligibility Requirements


National Board of Directors

Is an ASID member in good standing.

ASID member who is of the following membership type: Allied Practitioner Member, Professional Practitioner Member who has successfully completed the NCIDQ examination, or Industry Partner Representative (only eligible to serve as the Industry Partner Representative to the Board).

Has served as a chapter president, on a Society committee, council or task force, or has documented and/or demonstrated leadership within the profession.

Officer on the National Board of Directors

Has successfully completed the NCIDQ examination or other examination specified in the national bylaws.

Has served as an at-large member on the National Board for at least one term. If they have been on the National Board for two consecutive years, they must have been off the board for at least one full year.

All director and officer candidates for the National Board are required at the time of application to notify the Governance Committee of any past disciplinary action or censure by the Society, as well as if they are or will be in a leadership role at another firm, association, or organization, which may be considered a conflict of interest.

*Examples of qualifying committees, councils and task forces include, but are not limited to:
Aging in Place Council, ASID Foundation Board of Trustees, Branding Council, Chapter Support Team, Council of Fellows, Education and Training Advisory Council, Education & Engagement Advisory Council, Ethics Committee, Industry Advisory Council, Government and Public Affairs Council, Leadership Task Force,  Legislative Grant Oversight Committee, Small Business Council, Student Advisory Council and Sustainable Design Council.

Board Competencies

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Board of Directors’ competencies were adopted to outline the leadership experience, skills and knowledge that ASID aspires to maintain within its Board of Directors. ASID will work to provide the proper training for the development of these traits within all of its leadership. In its nominating process, the Society will seek out individuals from its membership who currently show the competencies or demonstrate the ability to develop these competencies. 

Competencies required of every board member/candidate.

  1. Demonstrated leadership
  • Has received formal leadership training: continuing education courses and/or ASID Leadership Development Training.
  • Participates in leadership roles — e.g., ASID chapter boards; ASID national council or committee; and other nonprofit boards, corporate boards, civic leadership positions.
  • Thinks strategically, manages complexity and acts decisively.
  • Effectively resolves conflict and demonstrates courage.
  1. Demonstrated ability and willingness to work effectively and collaboratively in a group.
  1. Demonstrated professionalism.
  • Regularly participates in continuing skill and knowledge development.
  • Demonstrates a high level of personal and professional integrity, trustworthiness, ethics and values.
  • Displays flexibility and open-mindedness.
  • Embodies self-awareness.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to confidentiality.
  • Demonstrates professional and appropriate conduct in public.
  1. Commitment to ASID.
  • Display's willingness and ability to commit the necessary time to fulfill ASID leadership responsibilities effectively.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to ASID through a history of participation and ASID Foundation contributions.
  • Understands and is willing to support decisions and policies made by the ASID Board, including ASID’s legislative position.
  • Willingness to speak positively and supportively, in any venue, about ASID and its initiatives, positions and policies.
  1. Experience in and understanding of interior design and the profession.
  • Knows about the current issues facing the interior design profession.
  • Possesses a basic understanding of the nonprofits working in the interior design field and their respective roles (e.g., IDC, IDCEC, IDEC, IIDA, NCIDQ, IFI, USGBC, etc.).
  1. Brings diversity to the Board, offering unique experiences and points of view.
  1. Display's willingness to commit time and to participate actively in the Board’s development of knowledge in the areas of nonprofit governance and nonprofit financial literacy.

General competencies that must exist within the Board, but are not necessarily demonstrated by every Board member:

  1. Public communication.
  • Possesses effective public speaking skills.
  • Demonstrates effective written communication skills.
  • Understands the dynamics of social media.
  1. Global understanding.
  • Possesses international experience/understanding.
  • Participates in international conferences and projects.
  1. Visioning.
  • Foresees the likely outcome of a situation.
  • Envisions and communicates how one can move from present to future. .
  • Conceptualizes and articulates the future state of interior design and how ASID can advance the profession.
  1. Results oriented.
  • Able to establish and understand clear metrics aimed at achieving strategic goals.
  • Interprets and understands data.
  • Willingness to hold ASID management accountable for stated objectives and metrics.
  • Willingness to hold the Board (collectively and individually) accountable for its decisions (no backtracking), performance and behavior.

Competencies required to be learned through subsequent board member training:

  1. Understanding of nonprofits and governance process and principles.
  • Understands the business model of an association.
  • Understands the respective roles of the Board staff.
  • Understands the array of types of nonprofits (e.g., mission-driven, philanthropic, member-based) and where ASID fits.
  • Understands the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of Board members.
  1. Financial literacy.
  • Able to analyze nonprofit financial statements, including balance sheet and income/expense statements.
  • Understands ASID’s budget development process and the financial oversight responsibilities of the Board.
  • Understands compensation systems and structures.
  1. Understanding of regulatory environment and risk mitigation.
  1. Understanding of and willingness to use technology in ASID’s leadership process.

Interested in serving on the ASID National Board? Interested in how design impacts lives where you work, live, play or heal? ASID has a number of vacancies on its board each year.  Join the ASID Board; a group of industry thought leaders charged with the future direction of our profession. Check out the eligibility requirements now so that you can chart your path to Board leadership. ASID issues a call for nominations to serve on the Board of Directors in October/November each year.  Need more information?  Contact