Student Chapter Leader Resources

Running an ASID student chapter has many facets. To tackle as many projects as possible, ASID student chapter leadership resources have been developed to provide leaders and faculty advisors with information to assist in managing a successful student chapter. Use these resources and templates to accomplish your chapter goals and tasks.

Student Recruitment PowerPoint

Don't recreate the wheel. Download the ASID Student Story PowerPoint to present at your next recruitment or ASID student chapter meeting. It's a great resource on learning what ASID has to offer within one designed deck.

Download and Review

Student Election Guide

To position your student chapter for success and ensure a smooth leadership transition, hold elections by February 1 each year and send the results immediately to ASID headquarters at

Be prepared

10 Annual Goals

In sequential order, have your student chapter board follow and check off the 10 annual goals to ensure standard operating procedures are in place. Check-off your chapter goals today.

Budget Guide

This three-part guide provides chapters with tools to create a working budget, to obtain funding from their schools, and suggests methods for maintaining student funds. Create a budget plan for your chapter.

Community Service Toolkit

When planning a chapter community service event, first identify a cause or goal to work toward. This toolkit provides chapters with best practices for completing a chapter project. Get involved in your community

Fundraiser Toolkit

Chapters need funds to host specialized events, socials, trips, and more. Your chapter can earn money from ASID, but to generate additional funds, borrow some of these best practices. Boost chapter funds today.  

ASID Student Chapter Best Practices

Tons of great best practice ideas and a submission template to receive national exposure! Want to learn more about a student leadership summit, kick-off mixer, career day, and more? Need some inspiration? Get programming ideas.

Strategic Planning Guide and Example

Review the step-by-step instructions, examples, and simple worksheet that will help a student chapter develop a successful work plan for the upcoming year and beyond. View an example plan, then download and start planning.


Chapter Kick-Off (Recruitment) Toolkit

Start the semester with a fresh recruitment kit filled with membership applications, recruitment and marketing posters, postcards, swag, and more to help your chapter grow.


Student Chapter Calendar

August 2017– July 2018
Start planning for the days, weeks, and months ahead with this calendar of upcoming student events.



  • ASID Student Chapter Kickoff Kits requested and mailed
  • ASID Student Chapter Boards finalize strategic plan
  • ASID Student Chapter Leadership Training Program Webinar Series
  • August 15, Daltile Design Competition presented by the ASID Foundation opens


  • ASID Student Chapters host a welcome back or kickoff meeting
  • ASID Student Chapters host a new member recruitment drive




  • ASID student chapters host a holiday social or graduation event
  • Dec 5, ASID Student Chapter Awards close
  • Dec 5, ASID Portfolio Competition closes



  • ASID student chapters host a welcome back or kickoff meeting


  • February 23 - 25, SCALE the ASID National Student Summit
  • ASID student chapters host a new member recruitment drive
  • ASID Student Chapter Board elections open
  • ASID Student Representative to the Board nominations open
  • ASID Foundation Scholarships and Awards open


  • ASID Student Chapter Board elections close
  • March 31: ASID Student Representative to the Board nominations close


  • ASID student president submits new student leader names to
  • New and old ASID student leaders information exchange and strategic planning meeting
  • ASID Foundation Scholarships and Awards close


  • ASID student chapters host a graduation event
  • ASID Advancement Program (ASID student chapters promote Allied Membership to graduating members)