The Right to Permit Authority

The ability for an interior designer to pull a building permit, independent of an architect or engineer, for their scope of work on a project is fundamental to the advancement of this profession. Whether employed by a firm or practicing as a sole proprietor, the absence of this right has made interior designers subservient to architects and engineers. It has meant reduced wages in the workplace. It has meant lost business profits because interior designers are forced to pay architects a fee to approve their work before a permit is issued to them. It is time to end this monopoly on permit authority by architects and engineers. The solution is that interior designers must have the law on their side and be granted the right to permit authority anywhere in this country.

What can you do? Take Action!

Support the advocacy effort in your state to secure lien rights for interior designers by texting your state’s unique keyword – “InteriorDesigner” plus the state’s initials - to the 52886.

For example: If you want to be a part of the advocacy effort in Virginia or North Carolina, text “InteriorDesignerVA” or “InteriorDesignerNC” to 52886.