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Navigating the intricate landscape of connecting with design professionals can often be a challenging endeavor for brands. The design industry thrives on innovation and creativity, and reaching these professionals requires a nuanced approach that resonates with their aesthetic sensibilities and professional values. The pain point lies in the difficulty of creating a message that authentically aligns with designers' preferences while effectively conveying the brand's unique value proposition. In such a dynamic field, establishing genuine connections that go beyond the surface level becomes crucial for brands seeking to truly engage and resonate with interior designers.

Why partner with American Society of Interior Designers?

Brands gain access to a dedicated platform that understands the members of ASID's unique needs, preferences, and aspirations.

ASID's established network provides a direct channel to engage with designers on a meaningful level, offering opportunities for authentic interactions.

Tailored engagement packages can showcase a brand's offerings in ways that align with designers' aesthetic and professional values, effectively bridging the gap between their products or services and the design community.

Through research and award programs, brands can establish themselves as thought leaders in the design industry.

ASID aims for inclusivity and connectivity to help bridge the relationship between Industry Partners and designers

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How You Can Get Involved

A variety of program sponsorship and digital promotion opportunities are available. Sponsorship is a la carte, giving optimal flexibility to select the elements that align best with your efforts.

This includes engagement with the ASID Executives and Industry influencers, hosting council meetings, and providing education and research opportunities for members.

Sponsorship and participation in ASID National events and trade shows, targeting students, emerging professionals, and mid-careerists as well as principals, partners, and owners.

Promote your brand and share new products through various marketing channels, such as email, webinars, postal list rentals, website advertising, newsletters, and social media.


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ASID offers a wide range of traditional marketing and sponsorship opportunities, as well as in-person engagement at hosted meetings, roundtable forums, national events, and trade shows.

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