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Councils & Committees

Chapter Support Team (CST)

A volunteer-driven council consisting of 7 former Chapter Presidents who work to ensure the strength, stability and overall health of the 47 ASID chapters. The CST communicates frequently with chapter leadership about strategic planning, work plans, budgets, elections and effective governance. 

Committee Members

Phyllis Harbinger, ASID, Chair
Susan Carson, Allied ASID, Chair Elect
Letecia Ellis Haywood, Allied ASID
Gigi Harris, Allied ASID
Janie Harris, ASID
Melissa Moseley, ASID, LEED AP

To get involved or to learn more, please contact chapters@asid.org.

Engagement Advisory Council

The Engagement Advisory Council (EAC) provides strategy and direction on the portfolio of ASID national professional development programs, events, and products that contribute to the ASID experience. Each council member will also serve as committee chair for a specific project and manage the volunteers and tasks associated with the project. For FY 2017, the EAC replaces the Student Advisory Council (SAC) and the Emerging Professionals Advisory Council (EPAC).

Council Members

Michael Bent, Allied ASID
Grace Eun, ASID, LEED AP
Tamie Glass, ASID, IDEC
Beth Harmon-Vaughan, Ph.D., ASID, LEED AP
A.J. Paron-Wildes, LEED AP ID+C, Allied ASID, Assoc. AIA
Elizabeth Von Lehe, Allied ASID

To get involved or to learn more, please contact education@asid.org.

Ethics Committee

Responsible for reviewing the merit of any ethics complaint filed against an ASID member that has surpassed legal review and has not been mutually resolved between the two parties. The committee's main purpose is to decide if the case involves a possible ethics violation and if the case should be sent before a disciplinary committee. If the majority of the ethics committee decides the matter does not warrant a disciplinary proceeding, the case is then ruled closed. The committee does not determine guilt or innocence, but merely if the ethics complaint is valid and if the evidence presented warrants a disciplinary hearing. 

Committee Members

Robin Burrill, ASID, CAPS
Robin Stroebel, ASID, LEED, AP ID+C
Lisa Fitzpatrick, ASID

For information on the Ethics Committee or process, please contact ethics@asid.org.

For information on filing an Ethics Complaint, click here.

Government & Public Affairs Council

Institutional knowledge and professional experience with government affairs relating to interior design is crucial for helping interior designers be successful in their efforts to pass or defeat public policies that impact them. The Government and Public Affairs Council (GPAC) is responsible for advising the ASID Government & Public Affairs Department as they implement lobbying and grassroots strategies to address public policies at the national, state and local levels of government. 

Council Members

Benjamin Huntington, ASID
Amber Clore, ASID
Jennifer Winters, ASID
Deborah Davis, ASID
Emmy Williams, ASID

To get involved or to learn more, please contact onevoice@asid.org.

National Examiners Committee

This committee oversees Life Memberships and National Award winners.  In addition, the committee is responsible for dealing with membership appeals and dues related complaints.

Committee Members

Sarah Calandro, ASID
Jennifer Kolstad, ASID
Khoi Vo, Allied ASID

To get involved or to learn more, please contact membership@asid.org