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Councils & Committees

Advocate By Design (AxD) Council

The ASID Advocate by Design (AxD) Council advocates and educates regarding the effects of constructed environments on life, health, safety, and welfare of all members of the general public.

Chair: Tracey Fillmore, ASID, CAPS, Green AP, RID

Vice Chair:  Leslie Shankman-Cohn, ASID, CAPS, CGP, RID 

Secretary:  Dana Nunn, ASID, CDT, CCS, LEED AP, WELL AP, RID

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The AxD Council is comprised of three (3) Committees covering a broad base of constituents and stakeholders in ASID, and the interior design industry as a whole, and focusing on the safety and well-being of the general public.  

Ethics & Professional Responsibility Committee

The Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee (EPRC) advocates for an understanding of and identifies ways to promote the importance of the professional responsibilities of practicing interior designers and all other categories of ASID membership, including adherence to the Code of Ethics and conformance with the Standards of Practice.

Chair: Katherine Setser, ASID, IDEC

Outreach & Engagement Committee

The Outreach & Engagement Committee (OEC) focuses on communication, information pertaining to the mission of the overall AxD Council and its sub-committees. 

Chair: Douglas Feldman, ASID, CAPS, Allied AIA, RID 

Policy, Codes & Standards Committee

The Policy, Codes and Standards Committee (PCSC) is comprised of five subcommittees: Accessibility; Building, Fire, and Life Safety; Education, Qualification, and Professional Development; Industry Standards; and Sustainability and Wellness.

Chair: Tracey Fillmore, ASID, CAPS, Green AP, RID



Chair: Leslie Shankman-Cohn, ASID, CAPS, CGP, RID

Building, Fire & Life Safety

Co-Chair: Tracey Fillmore, ASID, CAPS, Green AP, RID

Co- Chair: Katherine Setser, ASID, IDEC

Education, Qualifications & Professional Development

Chair: Virginia Weida, ASID, CFM, LEED, WELL

Industry Standards

Chair: Molly de Lima-Campos, ASID, LEED AP

Sustainability & Wellness

Chair: Susan Kohuth, ASID, LEED AP

Chapter Support Team (CST)

A Chapter Support Team (CST) Advisor demonstrates a commitment to ASID, its mission and vision. CST are national leaders who possess the ability to develop and motivate peer leaders into carrying out the strategic objectives of the Society as determined by the ASID National Board.

CST Advisors are the first point of contact for chapter board leadership and should feel comfortable with bylaw, policy and guideline interpretation, dissemination, and act to facilitate a solutions for community leadership, working with HQ staff as needed.

Committee Members

Jamie Stringham, ASID
Shane Jones, Allied ASID
Carolyn Ames Noble, ASID, WELL AP, WELL Faculty
Shundra Harris, ASID, RID
Angela Colley, ASID, CAPS
Saima Seyar, ASID, RID
Jill Janasiewicz, ASID, WELL AP
Bill Beaudreau, ASID

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Engagement Advisory Council

The Engagement Advisory Council (EAC) provides strategy and direction on the portfolio of ASID national professional development programs, events, and products that contribute to the ASID experience. Each council member will also serve as committee chair for a specific project and manage the volunteers and tasks associated with the project. For FY 2017, the EAC replaces the Student Advisory Council (SAC) and the Emerging Professionals Advisory Council (EPAC).

Council Members

Grace Eun, ASID, LEED AP
A.J. Paron-Wildes, Hon. FASID, LEED AP ID+C, Assoc. AIA 
Elizabeth Von Lehe, Allied ASID
David Euscher, ASID, LEED AP
Kate Magee, ASID, LEED Green Associate

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